Philadelphia, August 23, 2018 – Beginning on September 1, seniors with SEPTA Key Senior Photo ID cards will be eligible for free regional rail rides, Sen. John Sabatina said today.

The move to the new SEPTA Key Senior IDs was announced in 2016. Since then, more than 150,000 seniors have been issued the new cards that allow them to access the free regional rides benefit.

SEPTA announced the elimination of the previous $1 fee for regional rides as part of the phase out of paper PA Senior Citizen Transit ID cards.

“Ensuring affordable and accessible transportation is another way for us to help seniors in our communities,” Sabatina said. “I am happy SEPTA is offering these special benefits to seniors who use public transportation.”

The free regional rides are an added benefit for seniors who switch to the new SETPA Key Senior Photo ID cards.

In addition to the free regional rail rides, Sabatina added that discounted half-fares for seniors traveling to-and-from New Jersey and Delaware are also available.

“I encourage seniors to contact my district offices for more information about the SEPTA Key Senior ID program and application process,” said Sabatina. “My staff and I look forward to assisting those who come to apply.”

Additional information and applications to apply for the SEPTA Key Senior Photo IDs are available at Sen. Sabatina’s district offices. The offices are in Philadelphia at 8016 Bustleton Avenue and 12361 Academy Road.

The Bustleton Avenue office can be reached at (215) 695-1020. The office on Academy Road can be reached at (215) 281-2539.

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