PHILADELPHIA, August 7, 2018 – Senator John Sabatina Jr, (D-Philadelphia) met with small business owners from the Morrell Park community in the 5th Senate District on Friday, August 3.  Sabatina was accompanied by Philadelphia Commerce Director Harold Epps, staff from the Commerce Department and members from the Northeast Chamber of Commerce. 

“It’s not often we have an opportunity to tour independently-owned businesses in our communities along with officials from Mayor Kenney’s office,” Sabatina said.  “The conversations I had with business owners gave me a better understanding of the challenges that face us in attracting more business opportunities to the Northeast.”

Sabatina visited with owners or Maureen Flowers, Dog Gone Clean, Crown Deli Catering and other businesses located near the Morell Park Center.  Sabatina was also joined on the tour by State Representatives Mike Driscoll and Ed Neilson. 

“We want to do whatever we can to help these business owners succeed.  What better way to hear about what is working and what could be done better, than to talk with these hard-working men and women directly,” Sabatina stated.  “The feedback was invaluable.

The tour began shortly after 9 am on Friday and concluded around lunchtime.  Sabatina walked the corridor along Morrell Avenue with officials from the Mayor’s office, legislative officials and residents.