Philadelphia, August 30, 2018 – An updated 5-year plan detailing road resurfacing needs and projects in the Philadelphia region has been released by PennDOT, Sen. Sabatina (D-Philadelphia) announced today.

“There are 3,556 miles of state highway road in the southeast region and I am happy to announce that the updated plan includes various projects to improve roads in our area,” Sabatina said.

Sabatina serves as the Democratic chair of the Senate Transportation Committee and is a member of the state Transportation Commission.

Sabatina announced the following roads were included as potential improvement projects in the 5th district for the 2019 construction season:

  • Cottman Ave. from the Montgomery County line intersection to the Levick St. intersection;
  • Bustleton Ave. from the Roosevelt Blvd. intersection to the County Line Rd. intersection;
  • Torresdale Ave. from the Kensington Ave. intersection to the Linden Ave. intersection;
  • Welsh Rd. from the Ashton Rd. intersection to the Montgomery County line intersection;
  • State Rd. from the Cottman Ave. intersection to the Bucks County line intersection; and
  • Holme Ave. from the intersection from Roosevelt Blvd. to Academy Rd.

The updated plan is part of an annual report conducted to prioritize roads in need of the most repair. The plan reviews various aspects of road deterioration including roughness, pavement distress, cracking, ruts, faulted joints, and broken slabs. 

Sabatina emphasized that maintaining the structure and functionality of roads is crucial to the region.

While the review of roads is conducted annually, Sabatina said the plan to resurface and repair roads can be altered by the severity of the winter season and changes in funding and cost.

“The release of the updated plan is meant to inform residents of what projects may be occurring in our area,” said Sabatina. “I encourage residents to prepare for upcoming construction and traffic changes when these projects begin.”

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