Harrisburg – June 25, 2018 – Sen. John Sabatina (D-Philadelphia) proudly supported Marsy’s Law, which passed the Senate. A measure designed to ensure the rights of crime victims within the criminal justice system. 

Sabatina was active in supporting the passage of the legislation.  He is a co-sponsor of the proposal (Senate Bill 1011) and a fierce supporter of crime victims’ rights. “For too long our criminal justice system has not sufficiently protected, the rights of crime victims,” Sabatina said. 

This year’s passage of Marsy’s Law, a constitutional amendment, signifies one step in a multi-year process, giving voters the chance to approve a crime victims’ bill of rights on the ballot.

Marsy’s Law will amend the state constitution to ensure rights for victims of crime and make them an integral part of the justice system.

The legislation provides the following rights:

  • Secures the right for a victim to receive justice and due process through the criminal and juvenile justice system;
  • Ensures that a victim is treated with fairness and respect;
  • Provides reasonable and timely notice for a victim to be present at public proceedings involving the crime;
  • Guarantees a victim’s right to be heard;
  • Provides reasonable protection from the accused;
  • Allows a victim to refuse an interview, deposition, or other request from the accused;
  • Provides full and timely restitution for the victim from the person or entity responsible for the crime
  • Ensures a victim is receiving a prompt conclusion of the case.

Earlier this year, Sabatina participated in a rally at the Capitol to support victims’ rights and call for the passage of the legislation. He said that Pennsylvania was among a small group of states that lacked proper protections for crime victims.  

“Pennsylvania is currently one of only 15 states that does not specify victim’s rights in its state constitution,” Sabatina said. “Protecting victims and providing them rights that ensure their engagement in the justice system is crucial.”