Harrisburg, August 17, 2018 – Senator John Sabatina (D-Philadelphia) provided an update on the rehabilitation of the historic stone-arch Frankford Avenue Bridge. 

Sabatina said that according to transportation officials, the project is expected to be completed in early September. 

“The Frankford Avenue Bridge that crosses Pennypack Creek is the oldest of stone-arch bridge of its kind in the nation,” Sabatina said. “Once completed the rehabilitation project will ensure that the span will remain a fully-functioning historical landmark in our region.”

Sabatina said a variety of operations have been underway regarding the rehabilitation project. These include roadway restoration, installation and remounting of utility poles, laying of new concrete sidewalks, and installation of pedestrian railings.

“The historical importance and structural complexity of the Frankford Avenue Bridge makes it a difficult project to complete, but the team working on the structure has been excellent,” Sabatina said.

“From the installation of modern improvements to using stone masonry to maintain the bridge’s original appearance, it is amazing to watch how the historically significant bridge is resurrected and improved so it can be used for generations to come.”

The Frankford Avenue Bridge was built in 1697 and is included on the National Register of Historic Places. While the bridge underwent reconstruction in 1893, the approximately 15,000 vehicles that cross the 73-foot-long structure have taken their toll.

The bridge was deemed structurally deficient by PennDOT earlier this year. Work on the bridge started in March 2018.