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Northeast Notes

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Frankford Avenue Bridge Re-Opened

Frankford Avenue Bridge Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

As the Democratic Chairman of the Senate Transportation committee I was proud to attend the ribbon-cutting of The Frankford Avenue Bridge.  The bridge was re-opened after the completion of an extensive restoration project that began in March 2018. PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards and other local officials were on hand to offer remarks and to reopen the bridge to traffic. 

Senator John SabatinaThe stone-arch bridge which crosses Pennypack Creek is the oldest of its kind in the country. The original structure was built in 1697, underwent reconstruction in 1893 and is on the National Register of Historical Places.

The restoration of the bridge included repairing deteriorated concrete, reconstruction of stone masonry work, improvements to sidewalks, and installation of pedestrian railings.

The completion of this project ensures the 73-foot long bridge will remain a fully-functioning landmark in our region, which is crucial since an estimated 15,000 vehicles cross the structure daily.

Join Us on October 5th for Annual Senior Fair

Senior ExpoI will be hosting my annual Senior Expo on October 5 at the Pennsylvania Army National Guard Armory, 2700 Southampton Road.

Representatives from the Pennsylvania Lottery, Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, American Red Cross, and local health and housing organizations will be available to share information and discuss services with those in attendance.

Refreshments will be provided.

For more information on the expo, contact my office at 8016 Bustleton Avenue (215-695-1020).

Free SEPTA Regional Rides Available for Seniors

Seniors who have applied for and received SEPTA Senior Key Photo ID cards are eligible for free regional rail rides. This program began on September 1, as SEPTA announced they will continue phasing out the old paper PA Senior Citizen Transit ID cards.

Seniors who are interested can apply for the Senior Key Photo ID in one of my district offices.  To schedule an appointment, please contact my staff at either 12361 Academy Road (215-281-2539) or 8016 Bustleton Avenue (215-695-1020).

More than 150,000 seniors have received the Senior Key Photo ID cards.  In addition to free regional rides, seniors who have the Senior Key Photo ID card are also eligible to receive discounted fares to-and-from New Jersey and Delaware.

Ensuring affordable and accessible transportation is a way to help seniors in our communities and I am glad to see SEPTA is offering these special benefits to seniors who use public transportation.

Updated Road Repair Plan Released

ConstructionAs the Democratic chair of the Senate Transportation Committee and member of the state’s Transportation Commission, I am pleased to provide you with the most up-to-date transportation plans and highlight those that will have the greatest impact on our area.

Six projects in our area are slated to begin in the 2019 construction season. They are:

  • Cottman Ave. from the Montgomery County line intersection to the Levick St. intersection;
  • Bustleton Ave. from the Roosevelt Blvd. intersection to the County Line Rd. intersection;
  • Torresdale Ave. from the Kensington Ave. intersection to the Linden Ave. intersection;
  • Welsh Rd. from the Ashton Rd. intersection to the Montgomery County line intersection;
  • State Rd. from the Cottman Ave. intersection to the Bucks County line intersection; and
  • Holme Ave. from the intersection from Roosevelt Blvd. to Academy Rd.

Roads in need of the most repair are prioritized first. Factors such as deterioration, pavement distress, cracking, ruts, and broken slabs are considered to prioritize the repair projects.

I am excited to see these repairs improve local transportation but remind residents that scheduled projects can be altered by the severity of the winter season and changes in funding and cost.

Remember to stay informed on current and upcoming road construction by utilizing 511PA, a website and mobile app that provides up-to-date travel information in our region and statewide.

Ending Child Marriage in Pennsylvania with Senate Bill 1219

womanPennsylvania is one of 26 states that does not specify a minimum age at which a person can be married. Instead, Pennsylvania law accepts parental and guardian consent for a child to be married under the age of 18.

Children, predominately girls, who are forced into marriage before the age of 18 often face lifelong, devastating consequences in terms of health, education, economic opportunities, and quality of life. The harm caused to an individual who is a victim of child marriage is so great that the U.S. Department of State considers child marriage a “human rights abuse.”

It is unacceptable that children in our state can be subjected to this violation of human rights.

I am joining with colleagues in the State Senate and House to close the loopholes that allow for child marriages to occur in Pennsylvania. My legislation, Senate Bill 1219, and its companion, House Bill 2542, will eliminate the exceptions that allow for children under the age of 18 to be married.

Unchained at Last, an organization working to end child marriages, estimated that nearly a quarter-million child marriages were granted in the United States between 2000-2010. In 2014, it was estimated that more than 2,300 children aged 15 to 17 were married and living in Pennsylvania.

Through Senate Bill 1219 and House Bill 2542, there would be no legal exceptions for marriages under the age of 18 to occur.

I look forward to participating in a news conference to support these two important pieces of legislation on September 25 at 9:00 am in Capitol Rotunda. My colleagues and I will be joined by representatives from Unchained at Last and the AHA Foundation – a non-profit focused on ending harmful cultural practices that affect women and girls in the United States.

We must work together to ensure that we are protecting the children of Pennsylvania and providing a safe, supportive place for them to grow into their full potential.

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